Saturday, September 27, 2014

There is still time to order your garlic!

It is not too late to order your garlic for winter eating or fall planting. Check out the catalog page for what is still available to purchase.  Please remember to include your full mailing address and specify what kind of garlic and how much, (either in individual bulbs or in pounds) .

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Its time to order your Garlic!

What more can I say?

It's time to order your garlic for the winter eating.  I would say that the average family of four would eat about 5 pounds of garlic in a year. Our garlic will keep well in a cool and dry place until June. Fluctuating Temperatures and Humidity tends to cause garlic to grow or go moldy, so pay close attention as to where you keep it. Fridges are not a good place as they tend to be humid. Keeping the garlic well ventilated, as in not closed in a bag or box, but allow air to freely move around the bulbs really helps in maintaining quality.

If you are looking for garlic to plant, then now is the time to order what you need.  Here at Railway Creek Farm we plant in October, sometimes earlier if the fall looks like its going to be miserable. Keep in mind that porcelain garlic have 4 cloves and the rocamboles have about 7 to 9 cloves. So order as many bulbs now as you will need at harvest for your eating needs.  Hint 5 pounds of decent size garlic holds abut 30 to 40 bulbs.  You do the math.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  And please follow the instruction on the how to order tab after you had a look under the garlic catalog tab.

Good Luck!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Garlic Harvest Day at the Farm

Come on out to the farm and help me harvest some garlic.

Bring kids, spouses, parents, grandparents and friends. This is the Third Annual Garlic Crop Mob. Spend a day on a working farm, experience a day in the life of a garlic grower. Meet new people and just have some fun. You come and help me, and in return you
 will receive a coupon for garlic,redeemable in September once the garlic is sorted and cured and ready to ship.

This coupon will give you a selection of garlic of your choice, or a package of 'growers choice", for those who don't know what to start with. You will also learn how to grow, care for and harvest garlic.

Its a pot luck lunch, so bring your favorite dish. Also bring hat, sunscreen, and water containers. Oh, one more thing, Please register with me ASAP so I know how many people to expect.

In the event that the garlic is ready earlier I will have to change the date to Sunday July 20th. so keep updated.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fast pace vs Slow

There are many perks of living on a farm. The space and wilderness, the animals we care for and love, and the good food we raise and share. However, many urban people may think its a slow easy life, like driving a slow moving tractors, watching the slow growing crops, the slow task of cutting hay, us harvest garlic. Speed and efficiency and long hours of hard back breaking work, (well not quite that hard) would send a few urbanites back to their comfy couches. But i love this time of year. And so i am still thinking of Crop Mob Day for those urban back yard gardeners who would come out to spend a day helping a farmer harvest garlic. You can pick my brain.....share a pot luck lunch and take a walk around my veggie garden. This isn't a entertainment farm, but a working one and sometimes i could use some extra hands. keep watching here for more info as i pick the right Sunday in July.