Sunday, September 27, 2015

Still time to order your planting and eating garlic!

We are having the most wonderful autumn ever!  Here in Central Hasting County, Ontario, we have had night temperatures no lower than +5 degrees Celsius!  We are still harvesting our fall raspberries, tomatoes and pole beans!  I have greens growing in the cold frames and the grass is still green and growing as ever!

With a fall like this we will be able to plant garlic well into the month of October.   So get those orders in soon before the ground freezes up and there are no more garlic.  


Monday, August 31, 2015

Order Now!

The time has finally come! Time to order your seed and eating garlic.

For those of you who live near Verona, you can come out the 9th annual Verona Lions Garlic Festival this Saturday between 9 am and 2 pm for all things garlicky including the large selection from Railway Creek farm.

Please check the website Railway Creek Farms – Garlic to view the list of what is available and the prices. Please order only what is available and follow all instructions on how to order.

The garlic grew well giving some large bulbs but most of the bulbs are in the medium size. It was a successful harvest with just myself, my mum (who is 80) and 3 high school helpers spending over 245 hours pulling, peeling off the dirty leaves, bundling and hanging the garlic. From Mid august I have been working the vegetable gardens and continuing with the cleaning and packaging of the garlic on my own. I also do all the paper work as well as the marketing. So when you purchase garlic from Railway Creek Farm, you are supporting a very small family farm operation and the livelihood of a family.

I would like to thank you in advance for your interest and continued support of all things small. Elly

Monday, August 3, 2015

Garlic Festival Time

Well it's done! All the garlic is harvested and in the barn drying beautifully. This years' harvest was wonderful with many bulbs in medium to large size range. The weather has been great for drying with hardly any rain days on the harvest days, which means that the garlic goes into the barn dry. Most of the varieties listed on the web page are available for eating or planting. As in all previous years, I monitor for fusarium and virus problems. Rainy wet summers acerbate the fungal disease, and the virus issue is spread by sucking insect that inadvertently share virus from plant to plant. Aside from that, I am very happy with the crop.

So now its time for upcoming garlic festivals and food shows. You can view all the shows where Railway Creek Farm garlic will be available, including the first one coming up this Saturday at the Carp Fair Grounds. . This is our first official show of the season and the most busiest one to prepare for right after harvest.

I hope that many of you have a chance to check out any or all of these events this summer and fall.

Happy Garlic shopping!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Garlic Braids

So excited that the harvesting of garlic will begin in around two weeks from now.  We are currently making our second pass through with the task of  weeding.

We are taking orders for garlic braids now.  You make a choice of what variety you would like your braid to be and  we will make it. We will try to match your choice, however, there is always the possibility the garlic is just not suitable for braiding, so if you have a second choice, please add that to your order.

 You can pick your order up at the Carp Garlic Festival on August 8 and 9th, at the Verona Garlic Festival on Sept 5th.  Orders can also be pick up at any other event listed on the event page. Braids can be shipped out as well anywhere in Canada.

Prices are based on the weight of the braid.  

Any other garlic orders such as seed and cooking will be taken only after September.