Sunday, April 5, 2015

No seed to sell!

April is here now on the farm, with most of the snow melted away. We are all thinking about planting our gardens soon, some of us have even started seeds indoors.  I have some tomatoes for our greenhouse and the sweet potatoes are in soil slowly sprouting slips. 

I have been receiving many emails from gardeners who are eager to plant garlic this spring.  Garlic can be planted in the early spring and harvested a bit later than  the fall planted crop.  I usually have some seed to sell in the spring, but not this year folks.  

However, email me and i will put your name on my list and send you a notice when you can order your fall 2015 garlic for seed or storing for later eating.   In the meantime keep checking here on the site for updates on the farm, or follow me on Facebook and Twitter for weekly news.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winter preparation for a new growing season

Hello all garlic eaters!
 Tonight, when we were done our supper, I looked out the east window and saw it was still light outside for  a wee bit longer.  spring is on its way!  In a few  months!  However, winter is the time for most farmers/producers to plan for the upcoming season.  Even though I have been busy with off-farm work now for more than a year, I still have lots of opportunity to get caught up with paper work, updating social media as well as trying  to blog a few times in the winter. I read my magazines, ordered my seeds and  designed new labels. This year is the beginning of  a another chapter in life and that includes moving ahead with the vegetable part of the gardens. This is a complete turn around from the direction I was previously   heading into.  Instead of just concentrating on garlic, I am now planning in erecting a high tunnel/hoop house to extend our season in the central Hastings climate. I have been dreaming of this for several years.  This is a two year project by the time the ground is worked up with manure and cover crops to break up the soil and to build up nutrients and soil microbiology.  By 2016, I will be  learning how to grow under the cover and harvesting the wonderful crops that will be growing. Garlic is and will always be one of my main crops and I will continue to offer you  a great selection of old and new garlic varieties.  Check out the catalog in the summer for whats in and what's not.

One of the less- than -glorious chores i do in the winter is the processing of garlic into garlic powder and granules.  I now have all I need dehydrated and ground , I am  just waiting for jars to come in.  By next week,  jarred garlic powder and granules will be available on line.  $12/75g for powder   $10/60g for granules.. Don't hesitate to order some

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Sold out for 2014!

I am sold out of all garlic for seed now.  Its has been a good year although a bit too wet and cool.  A summer like the one we had can cause issues with fusarium   in the soil as well as with the garlic itself,  and of course the length of time garlic will store can be compromised. Unfortunately these are things that nature trows at us that we cannot control.   However the crop harvest was good  and i will continue to  supply the outlets (listed on the side bar on website) for as long as I can.

Thanks to all those who have and are still enjoying the garlic for eating and hope those who planted have a great harvest next July!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Are you still wanting to plant Garlic?

You still have time to plant garlic this fall.  I am late in getting a small patch of Mennonite in for a trial I am experimenting with this year.  I will be planting it next week when i have time. As long as the ground is not frozen you can plant.  Just be sure to cover with mulch as soon as the ground does freeze.  

The types of garlic i have left for ordering are
Puslinch (small quantity left)
German (small quantity left)
Russian (lots since we didn't plant it all)