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Table garlic is also known as eating garlic can be planted, but you should do your own inspection for quality and be familiar with common diseases before planting .  I cannot guarantee they are absolutely disease free.
 The availability of each garlic for seed changes from year to year. We select bulbs that are a nice shape, plump, have an average size of cloves (not necessarily the largest bulb) and show no visible signs of disease. We had our garlic tested for nematodes in 2011, and the results came back negative.  Please  read more about pests  by following  these links:. Fusarium ,  Bulb and Stem Nematode (OMAFRA),   Leek Moth.

The garlic is rated on a scale of 1 to 5,  one being mild in heat and 5 hotter.
The ratings are determined by the growers unless a strain has been put through a public taste evaluation. Personal interpretation of garlic taste will vary from one person to another and the location and climate that it is grown on..

Hardneck Types
1. French: Very mild in heat and has a mild flavour that is excellent in salads. 
2. Italian: Garlicky with nice lingering after taste. Great rubbed on toasted bread and used in garlic butters humus and pesto. Add garlic at the end of cooking to preserve the flavour. 
3. Railway Creek Rocambole: A very nice mild garlic with a sweet after taste, similar to Italian, but it not only looks different while growing, the bulbs also have a more consistent round look, and is an early harvestable garlic. Many years ago, we bought this strain believing it was Spanish Roja. The truth be told, after growing out 3 new Rojas from reputable growers, we have discovered that it is not Roja! We can't stop growing it, as it has a wonderful flavor to be enjoyed on salads and light cooking. cooking it seems to limit its garlickness, unless it is added at the end of the cooking time to retain it's crunch and 'rawness'. origin not known. 
4. Korean Mild flavour when cooked. Very nice large garlic. A favorite of the grower when used raw. 
5. Russian: Strong and hot with robust but sweet flavour . 7 to 9 cloves per bulb. Garlicky when eaten raw, usually used in cooking and it holds it flavour. Another popular favourite. 
6. Hungarian: very hot with a lingering strong flavour. Excellent for cooking. Large bulbs and cloves. 
7. Polish: very similar to Hungarian with its own unique taste and size. Great for longer cooking times such as stews and soups etc. It holds it own flavour. 
8. Puslinch: Robust flavour and great for stews and soups when longer cooking time is required, the flavour will infuse into the dish. It comes from Puslinch Ontario through the Seeds of Diversity Canada. It also known as Ontario garlic or Giant Ontario Garlic.  
9.Carpathian: Very garlicky, but still on the mild side. 
Purple Stripes
Named because of the bright purple streaks on both bulb wrappers & clove skins, these are the most attractive looking garlic with vivid colored wrappers and tall slender crescent shaped cloves. They are also very flavorful.
Most strains have 8 to 12 small cloves per bulb (more than Rocambole).

1. Mennonite: strong robust Flavour that last a while, large bulbs, with 5 to 7 bulbs, great for everything.

Railway Creek Farms have been growing Mennonite garlic since the 90’s when a Madoc resident gave us a bulb. The origin of this porcelain garlic strain is not known beyond that it was bought from the Bass Brothers, a family farming in the London region(Welseley) in southern Ontario. From that one bulb, we have slowly increased the number of bulbs to the thousands. We named it Mennonite to remind us where the first bulb came from originally. It is now grown by many backyard growers, producers and even offered in catalogs. This hardneck garlic produces a large bulb up to 3 inches across. Mennonite garlic has 3 to 5 easy to peel cloves. This garlic is one of our favorites because of its strong and robust flavor. It is excellent for roasting due to its size and the easy clove extraction. Cook Mennonite garlic in everything and of course eat it raw. It is similar to German White.  
2. Siberian: A good flavour with medium to strong taste. Very hot! Bulbs are easy to peel. An all round good garlic raw or cooked.  
3. German: Mild heat with robust flavour and large cloves. Use as an all round garlic, raw or cooked   
5. Armenian: Hot and intense flavour.  
6. Romanian: It is strong and pungent  and hot with a long lasting bite and is very good for storage. Averages 4 to 5 cloves per bulb.   

For a good read you can do on your own to sort out the varieties and subvarieties, are: 'Growing Good Garlic' by Ron England and "The Complete Book of Garlic, A Guide for gardeners, growers and the serious cook' by Ted Jordan Meredith.

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