Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paper work and more paper work

It's that time of year where bookeeping becomes an event.  hundreds of reciepts need to be organized, filed and entered in an orderly fashion so that my accountant can read them. then the seed inventory needs to be updated and seeds ordered.  The process of seed ordering also has it's mini event in our house. Seed selecting is not quite as complicated as it use to be since I grow mostly the veggies for the family now and not for the market, but none the less, it is fun to get the kids involved and try new unusual veggies.  Garlic seed is always chosen in the fall at the time when we plant.  Later on in the winter, Grant will begin his search for organic pasture and hay seed,  and that can be a challenge! 
The next huge event that happens in our home office is the sorting and organizing and updating of all the documents that support our organic status.  This involves logging everthing we do on the farm, our input purchases,  seed buying, field work,  planting, harvesting,  cattle management, pasture and hay fields records,  sales records and the list goes on.  We try to keep our logs updated by the week,  but maps, field records  and most of the other things tend to slip pass us.
And the last thing that needs to be done is getting more advertising ,  signs,  brochures,  and update blog, webpage and facebook pages. 
Railway Creek Farms will be attending the Marmora Snow fest this year on Feb