Friday, February 4, 2011

9 th calf born two hours ago

7 of 8,   one of our longer risiding mom had a calf today.  don't know yet if its a girl or boy.
7 of 8 got this name because we couldn't think of one at the time and she was the 7 th cow out of 8 at  the time when our herd was very small.  She is usually just called 7.  Another piece of trivia,  our laoding and head gate zone is called 'sick bay'.   I think we watched too much Star Trek! 

I am off to Marmora to promote our farm at a dog sled race event.  I will be giving out free samples of stew made from our own beef , garl;ic and veggies.  The recipe is from the new cook book put out by the Harvest Hasting comittee.  Looking forward to the day. Maybe we'll see some of you out there on Saturday.