Thursday, March 24, 2011

dehydrating garlic

I make garlic powder with the less than perfect garlic bulbs.  It is one way of  making the most of all the garlic harvested.  Nothing goes to waste.  the best thing about powder is that it is very tasty and strong flavoured and can be used on everything as fresh garlic is used.  I particularily like it on pan fried prok chops as it doesn't burn so fast and  the flavor works its way right into the meat while its cooking.  I only use it as a quick herb when I don't have time to peel fresh garlic or when I forget to add it in a dish.

I sell it in two packages.  The jars hold 55g and sell for $4.50.  the ziplock bags hold 75g and sell for $6.00. 
I don't mix any herbs nor fillers in with the garlic.  The product is pure garlic powder!