Thursday, March 24, 2011

New chickens will lay soon

Our new layers chickens are going to start laying eggs soon, some already have.  I will be selling eggs at the farm in the evenings.  I will also deliver to Madoc once a week.  
The home delivery option is only available  in the village of  Madoc or on Cooper rd.
Stay tuned-in  for when the eggs are ready to buy.
These young ladies are fed certified organic layer mash produced by Homestead Organic. They will also munch on any thing from the kitchen that is suitable for them, such as left over veggies, bread scraps, apple peelings, summer squash, tomatoes and  less than perfect garden greens, and of course they will free range on the lawn during the daytime picking at worms and seeds.  What a perfect arrangement and what a life for a bird! If only they can mow the lawn too!