Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sometimes it's just a pleasure to watch the horses.   I don't have to go far to watch them out of my office window.  Falcon is by far the most playful, he is young and mischevious.  The bay quarter horse mare is 14 years old and doesn't show much interest in playfullness.  But I caught her in this picture kicking up her hind feet a bit. 

Anni looking at something very interesting.  I went out and really couldn't figure it out what it was that captured her attention.

The two horses waiting for thier pail of water.  My daughter and I have to carry out the water several times a day.  Its a good thing we don't have to worry too much about water and cattle as they have heat water bowls.

Falcon having a rest in spilled hay.  Natalie can walk right up to  and give a good rub. He is very trusting and so are we compared to Annie who seems to go through many degrees of grumpiness.  Falcon is usually nosy and follows Natalie around the paddock waiting for treats.