Monday, May 9, 2011

first Belleville Farmers Market!

I was at the Belleville Farmer's Market today with beef, garlic powder, eggs and some sun chokes.  There were a lot people checking out the market for the first time as well as many seasonal returnees.  It was nice to see so many new young parents out with their kids purchasing locally grown products and home made goodies. I'm sure I'll see even more of my regulars in the weeks to come. I am in my usual spot facing the Arena doors with Julie the cookie lady right next to me on my left.
 This week in the gardens I will be weeding and tilling in the asparagus patches.  Here, I have over 1300 feet of  crowns, some  dating  back as far  as 1990.  Two years ago i added 400 more feet so that i can removed the older crowns in the original garden.  I would like to keep all the asparagus together and expand the veggie gardens into the old patch.  The only problem is that asparagus is very difficult to get rid of!  I heard that garlic has an allelopathic effect on asparagus,  I'll have to try that! 
During the harsh wind storm last week,  the greenhouse shifted a foot!  Nothing too serious.  However there are more things that shifted, such as the old drive shed.  We are going to repair during the summer. A few trees were knocked over on to fencing here and there.    The most surprising thing that happened  during this wind storm, and sorry, i was much too busy gathering veggie lugs to take a picture,  but the laying chickens  hardly seem to notice the wind!  I was leaning into the wind and being held up by its sheer force, so I figured the chickens ought to blow away!  But they didn't.
Once the shed is cleared out of 20 years of accumulated stuff, i will be tilling some more in the side garden and planting leeks, beet, carrots and parsnips by the end of this week.