Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday at the Village Green

I spent a lovely day at the village Green for their store's 10th anniversary.  Karyn and Don and thier family have  a unique  store  in Foxboro.Organic food condiments,  teas, healthy soaps and environmental safe cleaning products can all be found here. 
any gardening items can also be found in the store.  Organic fertilizers, safe pest controls and many unique tools and hand hand cleaning products are sold.  One of the most important aspect of this store is by far the heritage seed business that Karyn runs.  Terra Edibles carry organic and heritage seeds of unique flavours and shapes.  Really must check out the selection in tomatoes seeds!  Stop by the store and pick up a catalogue, ask Karyn any gardening question or simply visite the store for all its unique gift ideas.
Many activities were gonin on yesterday with the alpacas from OH Alpacas in Stirling drawing much of  the attention of many curious drop-ins.  These inquisitive creatures are amazing and their soft fluffy hair is so cool to touch!
It was nice to take a day off and meet new and old acquaintances. I sold thre rest of my garlic! Other Vendors there were Local honey by Twin Sister Hive and Honey in Stirling,  Loyalist Coffee, a local micro-roasting of fair trade and organic coffee was  serving up fresh cups.  Free trees were being giving out  by the Hasting Stewardship council.