Sunday, July 10, 2011


We have begun to dig up our garlic,  the Mennonite strain to sell at stores and local markets.  The bulk of the garlic will be dug up beginning of next week. The labour force has been secured, but there is still many other preperation to be done.  Of course all other farming activities must continue.  We are still planting lettuces and brassicas as well as harvesting bushels of peas for home freezing.

Just to catch up with some of the other farming events, we have had 5 calves since i last blogged. The cattle are out on pastures between close to home and Havelock. Only the show cattle are right here on the farm. The meat chickens came and went within 9 weeks! The laying hens are laying quite regularly now and we have 2 piggies to raise for ourselves for the first time ever.   My daughter has gone to 3 horse shows with her young guelding, my son took 2 heifers to a 4-H  and open cattle show this past Saturday. the children are working more on the farm this year. Jared is baling hay and Natalie will be harvesting garlic with me are just some of the main things they will be doing.  This is the most busiest time of year with the hay harvest, garlic and kitchen garden harvest, not to mention day trip here and there for the kids

I have been posting pictures on facebook if you want to follow up.