Sunday, August 14, 2011

Carp Garlic Festival

Great Weekend at Carp Garlic Festival!   After 3 weeks of harvesting garlic at 10 hours a day, this weekend paid for itself in many more ways than just a profit.  We enjoyed talking to new and old customers who bought our garlic.  We also enjoyed sharing the 10 or so strains of garlic we had to offer to many buyers who in turn enjoyed our large selection. Talking about each strain's characteristics, heat and flavour  variances gave us such a sastisfaction.  Sorry we didn't have French and Antolina available to those who really waned them!  Next year we hope to have French, Siberian, Korean, Carpathian, Romanian and more Czech available.  maybe i forgot one or two strains. Stay tuned in over the few next months as to what I will have available for seed as well as next years crop for eating.