Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The gardens are winding up

Its almost the end of August, and that speaks volums when it comes to fall garden cleanup.  The veggie gardens suffered the most when it came to neglect.  The weeds prospered very well under the dry conditions followed by many rains.  Jean spent some time finding the sweet potatoes and the watermelons.  she also found the Oka melons had over ripened and were beyond quality for eating.  I fed them to the pigs along with other things gone wild. As I harvest the veggies I am so grateful for the hard work I put into the gardens.  I harvested and frozen the peas, beans, some spinach and corn.  the onions are pulled up and are curing in our front porch with some of our garlic.  I have begun more lettuce , spinach, bok choi and I am going to try growing Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage in the greenhouse.  I plan on moving the two piggies to the old asparagus patch next week so they can root out the old crowns and maybe eat the weed seeds. The tomatoes are ripening at a faster rate than I can process them into jars,  while the pole beans need picking and the herbs are ready to dry.  Its seem like endless work to grow as much as I can for my family,  but I know it gets done eventually.  Sometimes I think I would like to have a vacation away for a few days,  but just thinking about going away from the chickens, cattle, cats  and my daughter's 2 beautiful horses instantly makes me change my mind and I feel I would miss something if I wasn't here. 

The garlic is now dry and all table garlic is ready to go.  I am bagging some in half pounds and some in 1 pound net bags.  I will also well many loose.  I have already got one garlic festival out of the way, now there are 2 left along with many other little local and non-local events to sell at. 

Jean is currently selecting our seed for this falls planting.  We saved more than we need and we are selling the rest.  Only some strains will be available for seed.  Our seed is selected carefully to ensure an improved crop for next year.  We select bulbs that are a nice shape, plump, have an average size of cloves (not necessaraly the largest bulb) and show no signs of disease. We had our garlic tested for nematodes, and the results came back negative.  To read more:.Bulb and Stem Nematode (OMAFRA).   You also might be interested in reading about  Fusarium.

Check out the garlic page for regular updates for what is available in table and seed garlic.