Thursday, March 8, 2012

Maynooth Farmers Market

I like selling at Belleville Farmer's Market, but its too cold or windy to set up out of doors right now.  So I thought I would check something out way north of me, in cottage country.  My Mum and I took a nice drive up highway 62 through Bancroft and continued  right on to Maynooth in Mid February.  Its not much to look at as far as a village goes.  But i  have heard of this farmers market and wondered who sold there and of course who the heck would buy there. The area seems isolated with few visible  houses. I was amazed to see the selection of food stuff there.  Baked goods made with organic flour,  raw chocolate made into ball with coconut and seeds,.  locally grown potatoes, teas, jams, pickles, eggs ect. Farmers talking about thier diverse and sustainable  mixed farms.  Art and crafts were selling nice made felted wool booties, and of course the regula crafts one would find any where.  But no garlic was been offered at this market.  I asked the manager, Chris H, if I could come up to sell my garlic  there this winter.  The hall is extemely packed with  over 30 vendors and a steady flow of buyers and so space is very limited,  but she found a small table i can use by the entrance door.  Prime spot i hope! So come on out to see me if you are up north this weekend.