Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ordering Garlic

We got all the garlic out by July 25th.  What a great feeling to have such a huge job done and over with. I want to praise my paid helpers for working so hard over the 2 weeks, in the extreme heat, and sometimes long days, but they did a wonderful job of it.   I must thank all the volunteers who came to the farm to help.  Our first Crop Mob was a success, with 15 people coming out to help with digging, cleaning, bundling and counting Mennonite garlic.  Over the following week after the crop mob, we had more interested garlic growers come out to learn about garlic and of course help.  I am so looking forward to next year`s Crop Mob , I can see this becoming an annual event.  
Now that the garlic is out, it  needs to  cure for a few weeks in the barn, then it will be  cut and packaged  into one pound bags.  It is at this point that it can be sold in larger quantities.  Also at this time the cured garlic can be shipped via mail to any one across Canada. For eating garlic the price varies between $12 and $15 a pound. If the garlic is been shipped, then add $13  for the cost of packaging and shipping for a 4 pound box of garlic.   (price is subject to change depending on where the garlic is going)
Inspected garlic bulbs for seed, will be available later on in the season, just stay tuned for which strains and how much will be available .