Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Very New Beginning.

Experimenting with cabbages under cloches. Chois are planted
Cold Frames
Young garlic just poking through.

Summer is around the corner and already for the last few days it has been warm, almost too warm.  Finally I can put my talents to work once again. However, before I put those talents to work, I had to, over the winter planned what I will be doing this summer. So to start with, its time for Railway Creek Farms to expand its sales.  Along with picking up more wholesale business, I am also looking at new markets.   I will be balancing attendance between Belleville and Maynooth markets by alternating as much as I can and even attending some Thursdays in Belleville. Check Facebook and this website for up to date details. And oh I will be attending the usual Garlic Festivals too as well as other smaller events in our local area.  Yikes, if only I would be cloned like a garlic bulb and multiply over the winter!

Its been a winter with the usual activities to get done such as catching up with record keeping,  analyzing sales,  calving, snow shoveling, packaging garlic for the stores  and  planning the gardens for 2013.  But it's not always work and chores.  Sometimes I have plain old fun too.  I did manage to get one ski excursion   in,  a trip to Montreal   and got to meet an old friend from my childhood. There is no time in the summer to go places and so I have embraced winter in all its glory!  

I have remained on the National Farmers Union board as a director for this year.  One of our activities this spring was to engage our members and the public in a day of action against GM alfalfa. We met on April 9 th in front of Daryl Kramps office in Belleville along with 37 other actions taking place simultaneously across Canada. We had a good turnout of over 80 participants at the Belleville rally.  The seed company that was planning to have it approved by CFIA withdrew its  attempt to continue to assess the Canadian market for now.  

Well back to the gardens.  I am excited to get back into gardening in a big way, growing many greens, root crops and loads of other things, new and old, familiar and unusual.  Check out my stall in Maynooth on Saturday May 25th  for the first greens this spring with 4 kinds of Asian greens also known as chois, hopefully  several  kinds of lettuces and salad greens and asparagus. Later on in the summer, I will have small beets, carrots, baby kale and chard and always the lettuce as long as the temps are reasonable.  In the early fall there will be  lots of sweet potatoes to stock up for the winter and of course over 15 kinds of garlic.  Some new ones will be available in small quantities for those of you who are collecting garlic varieties to plant in your gardens,   more on that at harvest time. Once again this summer I am planning on hosting another crop mob plus a lunch pot luck on a Sunday in July to have help with garlic harvest in exchange for info and garlic to take home..  I cannot pick a date right now as the harvest season varies by several days year by year. So stay tuned for more info.

With so many changes this summer, I am throwing the garden gates open for visitors and any extra help in the gardens. Call or email first to make sure I am home the day you want to come. There is always a bounty to take home! See you this summer.