Friday, June 21, 2013

2nd annual crop mob day, coming soon.

Crop Mob

Harvest volunteers needed to dig garlic on

Sunday July 28th
starting at 8 am

If you are a back yard gardener and is interested in learning how to grow and harvest garlic, then join me in a 'crop mob' . No prior experience required, no farming background is needed, no diploma nor degree is essential. Just good attitude, willingness to work hard, and ability to follow instructions is all that is required.

And while you are at the farm, have a look around at the veggie garden and sample the unique peas, or nibble on some mizuna.

The garlic harvest must occur very quickly, within 2 weeks. If the garlic is too long in the ground and the season is rainy then the bulbs are compromised. I can't dig, clean and hang 17,000 garlic by myself. Last years first annual Crop Mob was a success with 15 attendees and over 3000 garlic dug in less than 5 hours!. Not only can I share knowledge with garlic enthusiast, but I can harness the help from them in return.

It's a win-win situation.

A brown bag lunch is fine, but if you want to share a dish that is ok too. I will have some goodies to share with you. I am looking for any number of people to "mob",

Hat, gloves, water jugs, lunch, chairs, and favourite clippers and stamina are needed. For more details, email me, Elly at

address is 2601 Cooper rd, Madoc. 613-473-2889.

north of hwy 7 at the fairgrounds