Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sold Out of garlic for the season of 2013.

Well another season of garlic harvesting and fall planting is over! No more garlic is available for this season, sold out!
Its been a great summer with a fairly decent harvest and good sales.
On my wish list for next year is a just perfect summer with the right amount of rain and sun.....
Also on my wish list is that backyard gardeners continue to grow their own garlic and continue with experimenting with more kinds of garlic.  The best part of growing garlic is the challenge to strive for the biggest and the best as well the tastiest.  The health benefits of eating garlic are numerous, too numerous to list here,  as well as the simple joy of adding garlic to all your dishes make for interesting flavors. Keep an eye out for next years list as new garlic strains and varieties are going to be added.