Wednesday, March 26, 2014

chicken orders now closed

Happy Spring to all,

And yes! Spring is coming soon to a garden and farm near you.

And what a glorious snowy winter we had! Other than too many super freezing days and a lot more firewood used than planned for, I rather enjoyed the winter. All winter born calves are doing fine, a broody Chanteclair hen hatched out 2 chicks, they now have wing feathers showing. Horses are eager to gallop in the fields and cats are looking forward to the spring mouse hunt.

It's that time again when I begin to plan my summer planting and harvest. I will not be attending many Belleville Market days this coming year. I am putting all my energies into developing the garlic production and sales. I will be selling in and around the Quinte area most weekends once garlic is harvested and cured. Just keep an eye on the website event page for dates and places.

Part of 2014 planning is filling chicken orders. I have already ordered 50 meat birds for my family, However, I am getting request for organic chickens from some of you. I will raise meat chickens using organic feed produced by Homestead Organics and garden goodies. They will be as free ranged as these fast growing hybrid birds will choose .
Friday is the cut off date to add to my order.
So if you would like to order...

Here is how;
Email me the number of birds you would like. I am again asking for as $10 down payment per bird ordered. I am still selling the chickens at $6/lb and they average 4 to 6 pounds. 

I am asking that you pay the down payment portion thru PayPal so i can process the orders by Friday. If you need to pay by cheque, please tell me and we can come up with other arrangements.

The other change this year is that you will need to come to the farm to pick up the frozen chickens and pay the remaining portion due. (possibly june 20). I will inform you of this pick up date once I book the abattoir.