Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Garlic is growing well

Its the middle of May and the weather is turning warmer.  We had a warm spell earlier in the spring, which in my mind caused a bit of havoc,  we all start to think that summer is here but before you know it, and surprise surprise,  a cold snap hits and slows everything down, or wipe out two days worth of asparagus harvest .

Nevertheless, the garlic is growing very well at the moment.  There are a few weeds to pull out and leek moth to monitor.  There will be a weeding day May 31 if you want to get out and visit me. Brown bag lunch.

Please note , I am not taking any orders until the fall after the garlic has cure.  You can email me your email address and i will put it on file until then and send you out a reminder to place your order.