Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Last seedy Saturday to for the season .

This year I have really enjoyed attending Seedy Saturdays as a seed producer. Seedy Saturdays are where gardeners meet to exchange or trade or buy seeds for the upcoming gardening season. It is a way to share unique, open pollinated, heritage and the good old common seeds. Garlic may not be a 'seed' and nor is it generally available at this time of year, but it was publicized for fall ordering. 

The first event I went to was in Picton, and it was  the first time I promoted garlic as planting stock in 'The County' and wow the interesest was great!  I took a friend with me and she  really put herself  out there by doing the 'Hello sniff the garlic powder"  routine with the visitors.  It was the only item for sale at the table and it is a life saviour for some cooks until fresh garlic is available. A shout out to Willow .  If you are ever at the Belleville Farmers Market, please stop by her table and pick up some really good fresh organic sprouts.

Next was Maynooth Seedy Saturday, a lot smaller and less people, but just as wonderful.  Maynooth has a rough landscape with pockets of good growing soil, and it is a 4b growing zone.  Gardeners do quite well there with veggie growing by adapting to a later start in the season. And garlic does great there too.

 Kingston Seedy Saturday, another new show for me and it was interesting.  For the first hour or so no one even looked at my table! I guess I was the new face in town!  But slowly people made their rounds and stopped to talk.  It will take a few years to build a clientele base there. I notice that people do buy from growers they know and trust.  However, gardeners were interested in garlic planting stock either to begin their journey in gardening or to expand what they already grow. And there were a lot of questions about when to plant. I was surprised at how many people didn't know garlic was planted in October (in Ontario). 

It's promising that more people want to know more about garlic! That means more are being grown and eaten right here in Ontario!

One more Seedy Saturday event to go to and it's in Trenton. See poster above.