Monday, August 8, 2016

Preparing for the first garlic festival.

Wow what a summer!   A rough winter has led us into an even rougher summer with a drought and high heat.  We had no more than an inch of rain for all of July.  I kept the drip irrigation working every second  night for 12 hours for a total of 74 hours!  The harvest  took place earlier this year with it ending 2 weeks before the Carp Garlic Festival.  That is a nice change since I have time to actually prepare for it in a relaxed way!

The harvest itself, despite all the water I gave it, still suffered somewhat.  Maybe the high heat and the rise in the UV  is too much for the plants to handle, much like us humans.  I strongly believe the quality of the garlic has been severely compromised this year and I will not be offering any of it as planting stock. I will only be bringing a small selection of porcelains for the weekend festival in Carp as eating garlic.   I will also have the garlic powder that always sells out!

The challenge of being a garlic farmer is like any other crop producer, one can never be sure of what the harvest will be like year to year.  I ask for all your support and patience as I take a step back and recover from this lost.  See you all at the Festival this weekend.
 Your garlic grower, Elly.