Monday, July 16, 2018

Harvest 2018

I am living the dream of a crazy garlic farmer!! It is harvest time! The crop looks amazing this year! We are on day 4 with over 3000 already dug out. We have a steady supply of helpers and volunteers to make the job easier. Pulling the garlic out from the field is probably the toughest part of the harvest for two reasons. The soil is very dry and hard and the roots of the garlic need to be loosen sometimes with a garden fork before pulling. And it is darn Hot at over 30C ! We got 27 mm of rain on Monday evening, hopefully that will help to loosen the sandy soil. 

We will be posting in the next few weeks what will be available this year on the garlic catalogue page. Prices will be added to each kind of garlic available. There might even be some new kinds on offer!! We will also add an tab at the top to explain how the ordering is done since we don't use on-line shopping cart.

Any of you who already grow garlic from Railway Creek Farm, we hope yours is doing as well as ours. Any questions, please feel free to email me. Also follow us on Facebook and instagram.

Happy garlic harvest.

Mum at 83 and still helping out with garlic harvest.