Saturday, June 15, 2019

6 more weeks until harvest!

It's mid June now and it's still raining more often than not! The garlic field at Railway Creek Farm is looking great despite all the moisture! I hope your garlic patches are also doing well. By now the plants should be all leafed out and in the more southern parts of Ontario, scapes are forming. The scapes are not showing at all here North of 7. 

With all this rain we are having, not only do we have May flowers finally blooming in June, but the weeds have taken advantage of the few sunny days and exploded into seed already.

Leek moth has not shown itself in the garlic field yet. Maybe the cold winter did most of them in, and maybe the late spring took care of the rest. I'm not making any assumptions, I am still going to be vigilant in my daily walkabout in among the plants, carefully monitoring for them. If I see one, I will squish it.

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Hop on this garlic train with me.