Tuesday, July 2, 2019

4 more weeks of growing!

For anyone with garlic, hardneck garlic that is, there are scapes to remove. Here at Railway Creek Farm, I am about half way done 'scaping' Usually the porcelains are done earlier then the rocamboles and purple stripes. The latter two are a bit challenging to remove since the plants are shorter than porcelains and there is quite some back bending involved. However, they should be removed to encourage the growth of larger bulbs. 

Now what to do with all these scapes you ask. My favourite two ways of preparing them are, just throw them in everything I cook that would normally take garlic cloves and garlic scape pesto.  Just remember to remove the pointy tip with scissor just above the light green bulge. That part can be a little tough to chew even when cooked.

I am encouraging you to take some time and have a look at the list of garlic on the website that are available to purchase.

I am offering anyone who orders over $100 of garlic a sample of one of my new garlic varieties that are transitioning from 4 years of trial to full commercial sales in 2020. I would like some feed back on how well it grew in your location if you are planting, what the average bulb size as well as your description of flavour and heat. I will follow up later in 2020 with each of to see what you think. I am looking for input to decide what kinds of garlic I should keep and what kinds I should discontinue from growing. I am keen on growing what you, the customer likes the most. This offer will last until I run of of sample bulbs. 

Please remember, I only ship in Canada and I take PayPale or etransfer payments. You don't need a PayPal account to pay, just a credit card.