Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Happy Winter Solstice!

Well that's it for another season of gardening and garlic selling.  Phew!  It was a busy one with barn building, growing foodstuff first in a terribly rainy and wet spring to a complete full out drought later in the summer!  Once again, thank you to all those eaters and growers who help me to sell out of garlic once again!

I thought that this might be a good time to share with you a bit more about me and the farm. In 2014,  I started a new life on my own with out a partner. I moved back to my mothers home, which is where I have been growing market veggies for 25 years, and here I  will continue to grow veggies and garlic.  However, I had to take on an off farm job to help reboot my life financially.  There is absolutley nothing here that I have regretted!  I decided that since I am very good at managing my own business, I thought I would just start another.  As a Domestic Home Sanitation Technician, in other words, a home cleaner.  It has been wonderful to earn an income with a flexible agenda and working for amazing clients.  This income has helped me to purchase farm equipment and build a garlic drying barn/workshop.  In 2016, I lost 75% of my garlic crop, and the business took a bit of a beating.  My production numbers before the crop failure were around 20,000 -25,000 bulbs planted the fall of 2015.  I had to restart in 2017 with a selection of the best and planted only 5000.  Good news is that this year I moved my number up to 20,000!  Patience is a virtue! I am grateful for support from my garlic customers, and my cleaning clients and the people within my own local area.  Crop diseases are not to be reckon with, and there is definitly a lesson to be learned from this experience.  I am always happy to share the details of crop failures and my ways of overcoming the hardship.

Life is great!  Garlic is great!  And more garlic is even better!  I would like to encourage you to join the newsletter list and share in my journey of growing garlic in Hastings County!

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Thank you very much!!!