How to Order

Orders will be taken in September

There is a quantity limitation on some strains of garlic.
$20 per pound any kind. 
once larger ones are sold, they will be substituted with the next size down.

4  to 5 pounds max per shipping order.

Shipping cost across Canada will vary per package weighing 4 pounds. Any orders over 5 pounds  or outside of the  Province of Ontario will have extra cost for shipping and packaging.

 Please review the details in garlic catalogue tab to find out more about the garlic varieties, their flavour, size, and special qualities. Also, please become familiar with common diseases by following the links on the same page.

How to order:
1.  Please look over your choices on the catalogue page,
2.  List your choices of garlic, size  and how many bulbs of each.
3.  Email me with your list with  all the following info:
      your name,
 mailing address 
 postal code

4.  Please note:   I am no longer accepting cheques  

How to pay

A Paypal invoice will be emailed  to you shortly after you email your order. Please pay Paypal either with your Credit card or from your Paypal account.  You dont need a PayPal account to pay, just a credit card.  The package will be shipped out on the first Monday or Tuesday after your payment has been received.

 More Notes 
1. 4-5 pounds per shipment.
2. Shipping only in Canada.
3. Please pay the PayPal invoice as soon as you receive it. (some strains may be limited, and if an invoice is not paid within 5 business days, the order will be cancelled)
4. Garlic packing box will be shipped out Monday or Tuesday following payment.